Saturday Night Movie for any one who needs some hope!!!

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ed williams
11/18/2017 7:13pm
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This is a link to a SITC "Society for Immunotherapy Of Cancer" really good, especially for those new to the Melanoma world.

Thanks Ed. I'm not new to melanoma, but really really needed this uplifting, hope filledvideo right now. 


Hi Julie, just think of all the other great Melanoma Oncology Dr.'s that we didn't see in the short video!!! Dr. Weber, Wolchok and Postow from New York, Dr. Omid Hamid and Tony Ribas from LA, Dr. Jason Luke from Chicago, Dr. Patrick Hwu and Pam Sharma from MD Anderson in Huston, and all the international experts from Australia to Germany. With all these great Dr. along with all the research clinics and big Pharma it really is giving me a lot of hope!!! Here is a link to MD Anderson and the moon shot program in Immunotherapy if you are interested!!! A lot of cool stuff going on in Texas!!!Best Wishes!!!Ed

Thanks so much Ed. Currently in the hospital with my husband so this comes in veryhandy in the 'hopes' department. 

Thank you for posting this