Sauna and steam room for melanoma patients.

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9/3/2012 7:31am
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Hi dear friends!!!

    Sorry for my silly question,but - can I use sauna or steam rooms with my melanoma diagnosys.

It really helps my bad back ,but my friennd told me it can be dangerous for me.

Can anyone give me some advice ,please?

Thank you very much

I'm a stage IV melanoma patient. I don't sauna, but I do use a hot tub. I have had no problems.   Don't be afraid to ask your  doctor.  I guarantee I've asked mine WAY sillier questions than that. ;)


This ain't no hill for a stepper.

Thanks for your reply .I asked Doc ,but he is so laidback :) He said I even can get some tanning outside if I wish .So of course he said I can do sauna  and hottube..But ... I am sort of take half of ehat he saying as truth .Heard a lot of opinions it is big nono for melanoma patients.

Is he a melanoma specialist? I don't think I have ever had one say anything in regards of getting a tan...there is no safe tan..and my oncologist told me I should avoid the sun as much as possible.

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I love the steam room, and try to last 45 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week. It makes one eye look like I have been smoking Jamacian dope, but I think that is from Lasix eye surgery. I have heard that our BRAf/MEK meds do increase retinal pressure but I have no idea why just one eye is affected. Now I only wear only one item in there, an eye patch, which helps a bit, but I get a lot of strange looks which pleases me.

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Hi John ! I had Lasik as well ,but I try to be in steam room for no longer then 10 minutes .

Anonymous - (9/3/2012 - 9:31am)

I'm not understanding - the thinking is that sauna/steam rooms cause melanoma?  That's a new one I've never heard of before.

Anonymous - (9/3/2012 - 9:43am)

Why was it advised not to use a hot tub or sauna? I don't see the connection to melanoma. Do you have link to a study?

Anonymous - (9/3/2012 - 10:49am)

I think I read somewhere that excessive body heat can help it grow.  I could be totally wrong; however, I used to sleep with a heating pad for back pain and the melanaoma grew in that area.  Who knows if it's a coincidence or not, but I don't do it anymore!

Saunas are great for detoxifying your body. Basically you just sweat out any accumulated toxins. I prefer the wood fired ones over the electric or infrared ones. As long as you don't stay in there too long you should be fine.

Why does your friend tell you it can be dangerous?

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My friend said it can cause melanima reocuraance if you had melanoma in past.

I don't have any link to any study ,it just what I heard.

Now I am going to health center with gym ,swimming pool ,jacuzzi and 2 saunas and just remebered my friend's word ,so a bit confussed

I don't go because of a possible risk of lymphedema.

Otherwise I can not immagine why it should be bad for you.

What is lymphedema ,please? Thank you

Lymphedema is what may occur when the lymph fluid paths  in the body are disrupted.  This often happens when lymph nodes are removed.  Sometimes the fluid makes a new path.  If it does not find a path to a lymph channel, then the fluid can build up in ones tissue causing much swelling.

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The concern as its been shared with me by my docs is if you've had Lymph Node Dissection.

The concern as its been shared with me by my docs is if you've had Lymph Node Dissection.

Thank you for information. I think you are right ,and it can be concern if nodes removed. Idid not have this surgery .

I am going to see GP next week ,so will ask him as well!!

I'm with the other folks on this one - haven't heard that it's bad for melanoma patients.  But it is advised I don't do it due to the lymph node removals and risk of lymphedema.  

Good luck!

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