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11/8/2017 5:46pm
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Lately i've been looking closely at my moles and noticing some being a little out of the ordinary (most having 2 shades of brown sometimes in the middle sometimes a bit fore toward the edge they tend to be a darker shade if brown). As far as the moles go i am now somewhat of an expert on my own moles and they don't seem as scary anymore since they haven't changed much. Just as im getting over that they might be melanoma i find a swollen lymphnode in the back of my head/neck. It is pretty hard but not like a rock and it doesn't move very well, maybe because the neckmuscles won't allow it to move much and if i try to relax my neck it goes away. I have a soar throat which could be the cause of the swollen lymphnode but it's still not supposed to be hard according to some articles. It is the size of a pea and it's sometimes hard to find and only one other person has been able to find it when i asked them to feel my neck and pointed out the exact place.I have noticed no other symptoms except the loss of apetite i had when i started reading about melanoma and such but gladly my apetite is back and im back to normal weight after dropping maybe a kg or two as a sideeffect of being anxious. This scares the living hell out of me being only 17 and not wanting to be diagnosed with a melanoma that has metasized to my neck (atleast not quite yet). I have a derm appointment in 6 days and im hoping for someone to have any stories about similar experiences or anything that would calm me down? I understand my concern is not significant in comparison to what some people on here have and are still having to go through but i still attempt to find some reassurance in other patients stories.

Janner - (11/8/2017 - 11:08pm)

I NEVER worry about neck lymph nodes - especially if I have been sick at all recently.  They swell more than any other nodes.  You have a likely reason for a swollen lymph node, don't over imagine things.  Leave it alone and let it go back to normal - which can take upwards of a month or more (especially if you play with it).  Talk to your derm, but I wouldn't be stressing this at all!

Anonymous - (11/9/2017 - 12:14am)

Thank you Janner you are like a second mom always know what to do. :)

Anonymous - (11/9/2017 - 12:17am)

Also to clarify it might not eaven be a lymphnode im not sure and if it is you can't feel it just by moving ur fingers around there and pressing a bit you have to lay in the right position and really get in there to feel anything. I am not sure how deep zits ans cysts can be but i have many especially in this area.