Scared this is nodular melanoma

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8/7/2018 10:30am
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I got this on my neck two weeks ago I thought it was a pimple. I went to the doctor he said could be Bacteria he prescribed me fucidin cream. I’m scared this is Nodular Melanoma it hasn’t grown Here’s some pictures

I am going to go see my doctor again this friday its red but hasnt grown my girlfriend said it looks like a cyst because she has a cyst but im not sure cyst are red just want some advice on what this looks like

Definetly doesn't look like one to me. I think they are typically more black. But always get it looked at to make yourself more comfortable

Savannah Price

Thanks so much for your reply. I was researching they said it could be different colors such as pink. I was looking at pictures to which scared me more!

Anonymous - (8/7/2018 - 4:34pm)

Does it loose color when you are pressing on it? If yes, it is more likely an inflammatory lesion. 

In any case, I would remove it if it does not go away.

when i put press it on the bump it goes white then it comes back the color that is on the picture i noticed it kinda stings when i press my nail on it

Also i think it looks pink in the picture with flash but in person it looks red.

Anonymous - (8/8/2018 - 2:27pm)

It is good that this lesion "blanches"; however, if it will not be improving/disappearing, I would see a dermatologist and remove it for the piece of mind. 

Anonymous - (8/8/2018 - 6:38pm)

Blanching doesn’t mean anything. Check for changes in growth and itch..  I’m 31 I had a similar lesion that blanched looked like a pimple. Turned out it was nodular melanoma amelan (red / skin color). Super rare I’m 3b been on Opdvo for 6 months. All I can say is biopsy it.. everyone told me spider bite this that.. to be honest chances are super slim it is melanoma but you know nothing until you biopsy.. my doctor didn’t think it was anything I made them biopsy it

its not itchy nor its growing its just there