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1/21/2011 12:11pm
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I'm new to this forum, and new to the world of melanoma. I was diagnosed with a stage 2a melanoma on my thigh in Dec. and had the wide excision and sentinel node biopsy done on 12/31. The nodes came back negative, which was a huge relief, and now I'm trying to educate myself on what I should be doing to prevent reoccurences. Recovery is mostly going well, except for a large lump that developed around the incision near the groin where the lymph nodes came out. There is one firm lump at the top of the incision, and then a larger one running most of the length of the 5" incision. The surgeon said it is likely a seroma, and that he could aspirate and drain it, but that they often come back. He recommends letting it go away on its own, which he said can take weeks or months. I'm hoping someone has gone through this, and has advice, or information about how long it takes, what to do, etc.  I'm having a hard time finding much information about seromas, especially in the groin area. Sounds like they are more common in the armpits. It's not really painful just uncomfortable. Thanks.

Carver - (1/21/2011 - 1:05pm)

I had a large seroma (fluid pocket) form after my groin lymph node dissection. It was different because mine didn't form after the wide excision and sentinel node biopsy but instead after the more extensive surgery when the SN was positive. I had to have a surgical drain after the groin LND for much longer than normal. When it finally came out a seroma formed. Mine was huge at one point, almost as big as a grapefruit and did have to be drained. However, when it was more like a small squashed lemon my doc did the same thing as yours advises, he said to leave it and give my body a chance to absorb it. I did eventually absorb it for the most part although I have extensive scarring so the area feels hard. As I said it's different since I had a more extensive surgery. Good luck and I hope your disappears soon!

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mkt - (1/28/2013 - 10:36pm)

Hi there. I, too, have developed a seroma after a groin sentinel lymph node biopsy. My melanoma was on the back of my leg just above the knee. The biopsy came ack clear, and I am so grateful for that. But now I am dealing with lymph edema and a huge seroma. It is about the size of a lemon and getting more painful. My surgery was 1/16 so you are a little ahead of me. How is your seroma now? Any advice or tips? I have found the same thing -- very little about groin seromas. I sure hope you are past your seroma.

Anonymous - (7/20/2016 - 12:51pm)

Hello. It has now been 1 month yesterday since my melanoma surgery. Great news and it is not in the lymph nodes after groin sentinal lymph node biopsy. I am stage 2B due to size and ulceration. I now have a seroma in my groin about the size of a lemon. It effects they way I walk as I feel like my whole thigh is being stretched out. It is ok in the morning but after walking for a while it gets very hard and grows slightly and is quite uncomfortable. My doctor I feel is leaning towards having me wait it out but will drain it with needle if need be. I really dont know what to do as there seems to be a risk of infection and/or fluid will just come back. My feeling is if it comes back but only half the size, the aspiration will be a success. 


What should I do? This decision is driving me a bit crazy.