Siteman Cancer Center (St. Louis, MO)

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Lori Bierschwal
3/12/2018 12:30pm
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Hello again...

I am getting ready to have my next surgeries at Siteman...anyone have any experience with this facility- good or not so good? Please help...

Thank you in advance!

Lori, good luck. Wish I had some experience with the facility but I don’t. I also didn’t have a SNB at the time my original tumor was removed. When I asked my surgeon at MSK about doing it he didn’t recommend based on the drainage path had been changed by the first surgery and they wouldn’t be absolutely sure they would identify the original sentinel node. He also informed me that the overall prognosis wouldn’t be impacted by not doing it. In my case the tumor was on my right temple and ultimately needed a parotidectomy/SLND and I would probably guess my sentinel nodes might have been the ones removed during the surgery along with the parotid gland. Just FYI info, good luck.


Thank you Bill for sharing...My next Surgeon seems very confident in finding the sentinel nodes and deems it necessary to do this procedure prior to going back into the WLE. The original tumor was on the left leg near my knee. Since it came back 1.6 depth and Clark's level 4, he wants to make sure it hasn't traveled. It is a scary situation making these important decisions, so I am hoping for the best. Even if it it stage 3, I feel informed now as I have done many hours of research. But I do agree that in some cases the mapping isn't correct due to WLE first! Hoping for the best! Hope all goes well for you...

Anonymous - (3/13/2018 - 12:07pm)

My husband's Dr is at siteman, he gets his treatments there as well as test, etc.  He has not had surgery though.  Siteman as a facility, has an excellent reputation, but you might want to research the Surgeon if you don't know him/her.  

Best of luck!

Thank you for your response- I have researched and found my Surgeon (Dr. Ryan Fields) is suppose to be excellent, so I am hoping fo the best at this point! Glad to hear confidence in the new place I will be going next month! Always a scary time living with any kind of cancer, but I feel esp with Melanoma because even 10 tens ago it was still so unknown. Thanks again!