Small Lump Found... Freaking out...

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7/11/2014 2:30pm
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Hello everyone,

I posted about a week  ago explaining my current situation involving my fiance's melanoma diagnosis.  Basically he was diagnosed with a very thin (but large) melanoma on his left jawline back in April.  After the WLE, we found out the melanoma was thicker than they thought at the deepest point (1.2mm).  So now we are waiting to be seen by an oncologist to decide if we will proceed with a lymph node biopsy as his first surgeon did not think it was necessary, but his dermatologist would like to get one done.  We should be seeing the new ongologist/surgeon in the next two weeks.

The other day, I noticed a very small lump on my fiance's collar bone.  The lump was on the right side right where that 'U' shaped dip is underneath his neck. It is very small, smallar than a pea but I did notice it. When I felt it, it felt hard.  I don't ever remember seeing it there before but my fiance said that it's just his bone... I don't agree with him, I can feel and see this is a small lump.  He has also had a cough for the last three weeks that is left over from a cold he had before.. maybe it's something from that? 

My question is, should I be worried about this?  Ever since I saw it, my anxiety has gone through the roof but I don't know if it's just me being paranoid or is this is something that should be taken seriously? I feel like it doesn't make sense, as his melanoma was on the left side of his face and this lump is on the right side of his collarbone.  Does anyone have any advice for me?  Thank you.

Also, can anyone give me advice on how to calm my anxiety through all this? I am having a very hard time with it and I have never suffered from anxiety before all this.  

Thank you so much.

His oncologist should order a biopsy...Right before i had my mole removed i found a small lump along my jawline and they did a biopsy on it and it turned out to be melanoma..It could also be from his cold..Keep an eye on it so you can tell his oncologist on the growth of it..Good luck

I will definitely be keeping an eye on it... Hopefully it goes away and doesnt grow.  Weshould have an appountment coming up very soon so I am going to bring it up at that meeting.  Was the lump you found on your jaw on the same side as your mole? Where was your mole located?

Thanks for taking the time to answer.


Yes it was, it was just behind where i had my mole taken off..

My mole was on my lelt side right under my jawline..

Standard of care IS to have a sentinal node biopsy at that thickness.  Do the SNB at the same time as the wide excision, not after since doing so will interfere with the drainage path needed to identify the sentinal node(s).  Don't do what I did and do the WLE prior to the SNB as my original dermatologist did.  Heck, he didn't even consider it and sent me to a medical oncolgist instead!

My melanoma was 2.06 mm, Clark IV at the time.  Crazy isn't that?!  I went ahead because I was scared and didn't know the credibility of the information on this site.  I was still in the deer caught in the headlight stage and leery to believe things off the internet.  I shouldda listened.

8 years later I became stage IV out of the blue.  No nodal involvement.  Not to scare you, it just happened.  My SNB was negative but I always wondered what would have happened if I was routed in the right direction to begin with.  I hope that guy reitred.  Not much will kill you in dermatology.  It is best to be an expert on the few things that can instead of focusing on collecting botox revenue.

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Hi Kim,

thank you for taking the time to answer. I am so sorry aput your current diagnosis.  Unfortunately, we are in the same position you were when you started your journey and the WLE has already been done and now since the melanoma was deeper than they thought (originally they thought it was .34 after the WLE it was actually 1.2mm) we are stuck with making the choice of if we should now do the SNB. Do you have any advice? Thank you.


Might want to push for a full body PET scan to help clarify things.  It can help tell if the ltymph nodes havee trapped much of the melanoma cells. Also a CAT or at ;least an x-ray of the lungs to help in dicate their status.

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