Somewhat Positive News...Finally!

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7/14/2017 12:10am
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What started out as a trip to the dr for certain negative news turned into something positive. Kristine had an MRI yesterday at a local imaging center to avoid the long drive into LA. Dr called today after reading the radiology report wanting to see her immediately due to concerns about bleeding brain mets.

Once the dr got the scans, everything changed. When compared to her previous MRI, there was actually slight shrinkage of the tumors. The dr said it looked like the immunotherapy may be beginning to work. This is great news to us!

The dr still wanted to admit her to the hospital to deal with some other issues tho. She's had quite a few blacking out episodes, so dr wants a neurologist to ck her out. She also is unable to empty her bladder and is having severe pain from that. The dr thought it would be better to have Kristine in one place and let the different specialists come to her rather than multiple trips to LA.

I know it's no fun hanging out in a hospital for a few days, but I'm feeling cautiously optimistic from today's events.


Mom of the beautiful Kristine

Great news! Congrats!

That is certainly good news... the brain tumor shrinkage part. Also happy to hear she has made the move safely! Sorry to hear about the bladder issues and black outs. Have any of her docs put her on anti-seizure meds yet? Hopefully she'll be able to make it out of the hospital soon and over to see Dr. Chang. He really is incredible... and well versed in how brain metastasis responds to immunotherapy. USC also has a very good neuro-oncologist (Dr. Wagle) in the same clinic as Dr. Chang. They work closely with one another, as well as having a world renowned neurosurgical staff on the tumor board. Folks would be hard pressed to find a more skilled group of people for difficult brain care.

I'm so happy that your family is finally seeing some positive progress on this wild ride. 

Hi Cindy - Glad you had some good news! I read a previous post you'd made in May - headed WBRT I believe - where you included an excerpt from her brain MRI - seems she was dealing with many bleeding mets then and had associated vasogenic edema. Echoing others on here, I think it would be very important that she receive the very best in neural care available. Best wishes for her continued improvement! 


Thank the Lord for shrinking tumors!



Hey Cindy,

Good news is still GOOD NEWS!!!  So glad you both finally got some.  Hang in there.  I can only imagine what you and your daughter have been having to endure.  She is blessed to have you and the rest of her amazing family members.  Wishing you all my best.  Celeste

So glad to hear you finally have some good news!  Hopefully it will help Kristine to be in the hospital for a few days.  I've been there 4 times and although it isn't the best feeling at least you know you have access to the care you need when you need it.  I'm hoping Kristine starts feeling better and that the news stays positive.