Sore rib-could it be melanoma???

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2/22/2012 1:00pm
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I am a stage 4 and have active disease on my legs & lungs.


I have had "one" sore rib (about 1/3 of the rib) for about 3 weeks. Of course, my mind thinks it is mel. I do not remember straining or hurting my rib cage.


I sincerely would appreciate any  feedback from  those with mets on the rib.  What are the symptoms?


Thank you for taking the time to reply tomy post.



call your doc


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Hello, I too have stage 4 and have/had subcutaneous tumors on my trunk, rib cage and breast.  Each of the tumors has had their own pain level, some of smallest causing the most (on rib cage) and larger ones in breast causing the least amount of pain.  I think the ones on my ribs hurt more because there is no fat and are right up against the bone vs. the breast tumors are floating in more fatty tissue but eventually they too grow painful.  I would say though that my  whole rib doesn't hurt but rather the area under the tumor hurts which is on my rib (does that make sense?)  Anyway, always take it to your doctor, they're the experts and I think we all defer to that black cloud of has it moved elsewhere.  Good luck, stay positive and call your doctor or nursing staff.

Hey Mary,

What did your last PET/CT show?  I wouldn't worry about it until you've seen it on a scan and then it can be addressed.  I've got rib mets and they do cause me intermittent pain, especially when sleeping on my side.  I get a Zometa infusion once a month to keep it stable.  Seems every pain I get, I go into the "is it melanoma?" mode.  Luckily my wife brings me back to reality.  Hope yours is nothing but a bruise or strained muscle. 


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Anonymous - (2/23/2012 - 7:45pm)

Thank you everyone for responding to my post.




To answer your question,my last scans were in December and rib met was not found on radiologist report.My next

scans are schedule for March 13th.

When I touch my rib, it is very sore. Is that a symptom of a rib met??

Has Zometa been effective for you? Have you experienced any side effect on Zometa?

I sincerely appreciate your input Robert.


My husband has brain spine lung and a met on his left 7th rib before he was diagnosed his rib hurt but he did strain it then. Recently he started having pain in in the same area without straining chest ct shows it has grown he will be starting Braf soon. I agree call your Dr soon.
Blessings to you

Hi all, I had a RML lobectomy in April last year.No spread detected and no further scans done - only blood counts every 4 months, the last being in January this year. So far negative and considered NED - thank God.

However, I have had intermittent pain in the right rib for quite some time. I am told it could be nerve regeneration or damage to ribs during operation or possible damage to the tissue sac that surrounds the remaining portion of the lung resulting in the fluid draining and the tissue drying out.

Blood counts revealed nothing and a full bone scan indicated a possible tumor on the rib. I was referred to the surgeon who did the lobectomy and he laughed indicating that it was nothing to worry about as he probably damaged the rib during the op.

That said, a nerve block was administered but the pain persisted and I still have periodic spells of pain on a daily basis, which is centralized in one spot on the rib which also remains tender to the touch. The strange thing is that the pain is not continuous but occurs at odd times - not necessarily when I am doing anything in particular.

Has anyone else had a similar experience because I am at my wits end as to what is really going on - nobody seems to be able, or prepared, to give me a solid explanation. 

Regards to all

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