Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma a year ago, almost gone today!

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4/16/2018 9:11pm
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I met a man at Kaiser getting my every other week Opdivo.  His recliner next to  mine. My treatment just starting and his finishing up.  He said he had stage 4 metastatic melanoma.  I said so do I!  A year ago he wasn’t feeling well, so he heated up a can of Progresso Clam Chowder, next day  his bowels were light colored so he went to Kaiser walk in since it was the weekend.  The doctor said his intestinal problem would be fine in a day or two and it was.  But to be safe the dr ran a lot of blood work.  Ended up he had a mass on his liver and tumors all over, even his lung.  He had only 1 of the 4 Opdivo/Yervoy treatments and had bad side effects.  I asked which? He replied “which ones didn’t I have?” And he went on Opdivo maintenance right away, the 240 mg.  That was a year ago, all his tumors are gone.  It has something on his spleen left.  He said if that’s removed he would be NED. (No evidence of disease.)  His lasting side effect is the hair on his arms is white.  Thank you God for Immunotherapy!!

He said i could share his story but not use his name. 

Great news, some are really lucky. I wish luck to all of us.

That's great to hear! In 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 3a melanoma. I had it in a lymph node in my neck. They started me off with Yervoy and then in the spring of 2017 it metastisized to my liver and lungs. Dr. Markovic at Mayo then started me on Yervoy. This fall the melanoma in my liver and lungs were gone! Keytruda has worked well. My latest PET scan down at Mayo two weeks ago showed the liver and lungs to still be clear. Two lymph nodes in my stomach area lit up, but they're thinking it's just inflammation...they'll be keeping an eye on it as they don't like to biopsy those lymph nodes due to their location. Lymph nodes in the stomach area are tough to get to.


Meant to say Dr. Markovic then started me on Keytruda.