Stage IV: Annual scans back clean - still NED

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1/11/2018 12:24am
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My annual January scans (CAP CT and Brain MRI) just came back clean.  NED still - since early 2009, IPI responder after 5 doses in total of 10mg/kg.  Full history online for those interested.

I continue to check in on this bulletin board, respond to posts when/if my experience may help someone and never, ever forget how meaningful and supportive many regulars on this board were back when I needed it the most.   

Prayers and good vibes to all in the fight.  Hang in there!


Stage IV in 2005, ipi responder (MDX trial) in 2009 and NED ever since.  

Luke 1:37

Wow, Rocco! Thanks for checking in and giving hope to many others! Wish you the best and many many years of NED!

Daughter of patient

That's wonderful, Rocco!!!  Ratties like you are leading our way!!!  celeste

Congrats, Rocco!! Here's to another 9 years NED!




Congrats Rocco!! That’s awesome - so happy for you and thanks for sharing. I’m especially interested as I am also a 10 mg ipi complete responder - NED 5+ yrs. Best wishes for a continued healthy 2018


This is just great to hear and fabulous for you!! I love the long-term NED reports. May this be your forever state!!! Best wishes always!