Stage IV-brain/liver mets starting WBR tomorrow

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3/9/2014 1:59pm
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So I'm starting my 10 days of whole brain radiation tomorrow. My neuroncologist said I would need chemo afterward, any idea what they might use?

She also told me I am BRAF positive so that's good.



Not sure how many lesions you have, but my Mom had 9 and had gamma knife radiation followed by Yervoy 4 days later. The tumors for the most part are stable and she has done really well. - She to is BRAF + and + for PD1.

There seems to be a synergistic effect when you use the gamma knife radiation, it may turn on the immune system and when you get Yervoy it puts it into high gear. There is a retrospective analysis with patients on Yervoy who had tumors (they should not have received treatment, but did) and they had good results.

I don't think chemo is recommended for melanoma much. The immune enhancing drugs seem to be the go to drugs right now.

I just got fitted for my "fencing mask" for full brain radiation about 10 minutes ago.  I've got 4 small mets, several with the blood pockets.  I'm getting 15 treatments and then I start BRAF/MEK as the Yervoy did not work for me.

The chemo they're talking about is most likely Yervoy/Ipilimumab.  It's not technically chemo but is done the same way.  

If you do start on Yervoy, make sure to pay close attention to any odd headaches where your brain or eyes feel like they want to come out of your skull.  Seems to be the #1 side effect these days and causes swelling of the Pituatary Gland.  Some say it's a good sign that the Yervoy is working, however I had the headaches and did not get any positive results.

Good luck to you.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


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