Stage IV, Still NED - 3 years, 8 mos.

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Kim K
3/20/2014 4:37pm
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Just had PET/CT, brain MRI.  Still all clear.  I am still haning onto the long term follow up study of IL-2 responders paper.  No recurrance after 30 months, no one in the study recurred.  I am now well past that mark.

The next conversation is finding the sweet spot of close monitoring yet reducing my exposure to radiation from all these scans.  I have had at least 9 PET/CT and too many CT scans to count.  I don't want to start another cancer trying to stay free from this one.

My docs will discuss that next seeing as so few of us make it this far.  In a way, it is a nice problem to have :).

Wishing all well.

VATS wedge resection & 23 bags if IL-2 in 2010.  I only had a small lung met and a smaller muscle met in my chest wall.



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Wonderful news, Kim!  Thanks for posting.  

Great news Kim!


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You go Girl!!!! I can't wait to see you .  I am so excited.  I will call you later today.  I will try to stay up late.. lol   Big Hugs.

Love and Light


Congratulations, Kim, and thanks for posting.  We all are encouraged by this good news!

AMAZING!!! So happy for you.


So happy for you!  Excellent news. 


That's fabulous, Kim!!  Way to go.  Thanks for sharing! Yours, c