Stage IV - still NED - very thankful!

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7/19/2014 6:58am
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Wanted to share some hope for others.

Scans last week revealed I'm still NED!  Now scanned every six months. Continue to be very thankful for all the support and hope I've received off this bulletin board over the years. 

Hang in there!


Diagnosed Stage IV  in 2005. NED thanks to MDX-010 (Ipi 10MG/KG) Compassionate Use trial in 2009, all the talented and compassionate doctors and staff at DFCI in Boston., and many, many hours of prayer.


Luke 1:37

Anonymous - (7/19/2014 - 8:13am)

Very happy for you! God is good and there is definitely power in prayer! 


Congratulations!!!  I am so happy to read your post.  Wishing you a life time of NED.

(I have been NED at Stage IV for almost 6 years now.  Finally on the 6 month scan schedule)

This is proof that there are Stage IV's out their life.  I am grateful for this board and all the wonderful people I have met and that have supported me on my journey.

Enjoy the New England summer....Hey, what is going on with those Sox? :(

Stay Strong


Stage IV 7/05 Liver mets

Great to hear from you again.  ESPECIALLY with this news!


I'm me, not a statistic. Praying to not be one for years yet.

Wonderful news, Roco!  Wonderful testament to ipi as well.  Thanks for sharing!  Celeste


Wonderful good news,  thanks for sharing with all of us!  While we're all in the same battle, each journey can be so different than the next, each one so unique, with completely different responses to the many treatments we're offered/tried and so important that we keep posting the details of our journey.  

Besh wishes for continued good health, living life large and NED status.....keep posting!


Great to see, gives everyone hope. Congrats!!!!!