Still fighting! Update on my hubs LMD

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4/6/2014 1:09pm
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As some of you may remember, my husband was diagnosed with leptomeningeal disease in early Feb.  After only being given an option of WBR at Emory in ATL, we headed for MDA.  Just wanted to update to say that he has completed the induction period of intrathecal Il2 under Dr. Pappa's care.

He also has disease in body and brain mets so this is an uphill battle all the way, but he is a fighter with a great PMA!  Day before yesterday he had some speech problems, and they did an MRI a few days ahead of schedule.  Brain met near speech center has gotten a little bigger (but he hasn't received any tx for this yet other than starting dabrafenib yesterday.  MRI showed LMD pretty much unchanged which is GOOD!

He will now receive IT iL2 weekly.  Hopefully dabrafenib will help brain & body.  We will get evaluation this week with updated plan, and and still hoping for TILs therapy!

if anyone is interested in how his IL2 treatment went, I will be happy to share.  It was rough on him as far as toxicity goes with confusion and delusions but otherwise well tolerated.

wishing you all the best!

Thanks for the update.  Good luck at MDA!

Joy, thank you very  much for posting an update on your husband. I have been thinking about him and hoping that he would qualify for the intrathecal IL2 treatment. The fact that his LM disease is stable is great news! I will pray that he continues to respond and that the dabrafenib knocks out the remaining mets.

Good luck and keep up the PMA!

Thanks, Joy.  I've been wondering how he's been doing. Good luck. 


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