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11/8/2017 2:45pm
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My wife had a lung biopsy last Thursday, our Doc said we should have results today. When we met with him a couple weeks ago and he told us about the lung nodule that was concerning him he gave us three options for next steps. One of them was a trial with Nivo and an oral compound called CB-839. We thought that sounded good and signed the paperwork to potentialy be in the trial.

On Friday, the insurance company called to say they were onboard with the trial. So that was good news. This week, the trial coordinator has called a couple times to set up various appointments.

We still haven't heard from the doctor about the biopsy results, but should we assume that since the trial coordinator is moving forward, that this nodule was indeed melanoma? Or, are they just getting everything ready to go just in case?

Question #2. She had a clean lung scan in July, before starting Pembro. Now, after 4 or 5 doses of Keytruda this thing appears. I'm assumoing that means Pembro isn't working for her. If Pembro doesn't work, does it make sense to try Nivo, which is the same type of drug? I can't find any data showing that if one fails, the other might work.

My wife is (was) stage 3c. She had a CLND in May of this year.

Thanks for any insight.


Jeff - (11/9/2017 - 11:10am)

Does your wife used Yervoy? Or used only Keytruda?

JeffinSeattle - (11/9/2017 - 2:33pm)

Only Keytruda.

Update! We heard from our Medical Oncologist yesterday that the biopsy was negative for melanoma! Though he said the samples weren't the greatest, he feels comfortable staying the course with Keytruda and doing another MRI in a month or so. We've taken it as good news!

Congratulations!  Negative for Melanoma is great!  Good wishes to you both.