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6/30/2014 4:59pm
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Hi guys,

I have read in many places that is possible that fail in inhibitors could affect to response in inmunotheraphys, what is your opinion?

Did someone stop from inhibitors once he reduce tumors, go into inmunotheraphy and if failed, back again to braf/mek with succes?


Thanks to all of you.

All togheter we will beat the Beast

Are you BRAF positive? My doctor and the new doctor taking his place told me that going off my BRAF inhibitors was not a good idea. It could cause the melanoma to become more active (darn that BRAF gene!!). I currently take both inhibitors and immunitheraphy drugs. I will not state which ones because they have yet to be approved together. You may want to speak to your doctor about it. Not all inhibitors and immunitheraphy drugs have been tested together, however, you will find that similar inhibitors and immunitherapy drugs have been tested and approoved leaving it up to you and your doc as to whether or not you want to chance a similar combo. I'm chancing the combination and have had no issues to date.

I did get off my inhibitors for a while when receiving bio-chemotherapy. The scan results showed more activity in my largest tumor.

If you do choose to keep off the inhibitor and stay on immunitheraphy only, check out your next set of scans and see what the activity level is in your tumors.

Hi Leslie,

Could you tell us how is it going with your treatment ( anti pd1 plus braf inh.)?

How is with side effects ?

Thanks and good luck

Thanks leslieann79 for answering,

If i undertand well,  you are now whith pembro and tanfilar mekinist at the same time and is doing well. Good to you .

I know that stopping inhib, btaf make tumors start to grow but as we kmow that sooner or later it is going to happen, is better stop before resistance, do inmunotherapy, and in the case it doen not work back to inhibitors to take advantige of their fast response for shrinking tumors. On this way we have opportunity to try another treatment and do the same thing agai n. Otherwise if inmunotherapy doen not work, how can we do shrink tumors to give us time for other treatment if we develop resistance?

Thats what im asking, if some one have done it before