Strange burning sensation in my sternum

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11/11/2010 5:18pm
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I am 39 yo female with stage 1 diagnosed 6 years ago. Whithin a past 3-4 days I started to feel pressuse in my chest (around sternum) and I have now burning sensation which starts in the lower part of sternum, then moves up almost to the neck and then goes down again. I don't feel the pressure any more and probably burp more that ususally and have the hot feeling in the throat. I have never had such feeling before. Does it sound like a heartburn? I am not sure because I can not distinguish whether it is behind the sternum, in the sternum or this is skin feeling??? I am so worried. Any idea what it could be???? Thanks!

It could be heartburn or acid reflux. Do you eat less than 2 hours regularly before going to bed?  I did on a daily basis and developed acid reflux. The body wasn't given enough time to properly digest the food so the acid moves up toward the throat. I had similar symptoms to yours, especially in the mornings. Be sure and eat at least 2.5 hours before going to bed. Tums or other kinds of antacids help. If it persists the next step should be to set up an appointment with your primary doctor. Others may have other advice.

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 Jim M.

Hi sounds like acid reflux. I would suggest that you see your doc before taking any OTC meds though because if you are on medications the OTC's can interact with them. You may also want to confirm the dx of acid reflux. Don't lay down after you eat, cut down on the caffeine even chocolate contains caffeine. Caffeine makes acid reflux worse. Smoking will agitate it as well. Hope this is helpful to you.

Certainly sounds more like gas/acid reflux than melanoma.  I get pressure in my chest when I'm stressed.  I tried some Gas-X and that helped me.  The burning does sound like heartburn.  Pretty normal stuff, but worth checking with your PCP to make sure you aren't ignoring something important.

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