Is this subungual melanoma or just hematoma under toenail?

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12/4/2017 4:55am
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Hi! I'm a 19 y/o Asian (Filipino) male. Last week, I noticed a black dot under my big toenail. But I was only able to search about it today. I was initially shocked about the search results. Anyway, I just wanna ask your opinion regarding my case if it looks like a subungual melanoma or just a hematoma under my toenail.

Just to give you a background, I don't recall any injuries to my foot/toenails although it is worth noting that one of the shoes that I'm currently using is quite small for my foot and I do remember my toenail aching a few weeks back.

I'll be attaching some pictures. Thanks.

It's a bruise, it will be there for a long time before it goes away, up to 6 months. Our toenails can get bruised very very easily without us even noticing until we see a black spot under it. If it really worries you, you can always make an appointment with a doctor, but I have had many toe nail bruises and that's what they look like. 

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I also believe it is a bruise. I had one, though not quite that big, on my second toe over the summer. I watched it and it gradually worked its way to the far edge and disappeared with trimming. I would just watch this. If it should get any bigger or begin to show a streak up an down the nail, then have your doctor take a look at it. 

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Thank you guys. Will closely observe it in the coming weeks/months.
I was super worried when I initially read about this condition.