Such a Dumb Question...

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10/24/2010 10:57pm
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But it just occured to me today that if only 7% of people have a second primary then why do we avoid the sun after diagnosis with the first?

Not that I am looking for an excuse to go tanning or anything but my Doctor seems so vague about everything and I just wondered about it. Does exposure to the sun increase the chance of melanoma returning?


BonnieB (diagnosed stage 1 Nov 09)

Anonymous - (10/24/2010 - 11:07pm)

I think the statistics are taking into consideration that after someone has one melanoma that they will be sun safe after that.

Janner - (10/24/2010 - 11:30pm)

It's a good question.  Having melanoma puts you at higher risk for the other types of skin cancer.  However, those are not often fatal although they can be quite disfiguring.  In addition, a genetic component might be responsible for many of the multiple primaries.  No one has proven that sun exposure causes melanoma although circumstantial evidence is high.  I, personally, think moderation is the key.  I don't seek the sun.  I do try to avoid burns.  But I also don't hide from being outside.  I tend to cover up more because I'm not fond of sunblock.  I have a genetic defect as well as 3 primaries.  I refuse to let melanoma rule my life.  I am just sensible and smart about my exposure and live life.  There is no right or wrong here, just doing what makes YOU comfortable.

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