"Sugar" -- The White Death and the main cause of disease

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7/31/2014 10:25pm
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Just this week I got a copy of Ty Bollinger's latest attempt to help you with information.  He calls it "Sugar -- The White Death."  Most of you know that Ty is a fellow author on natural cancer healing.  His book is called "Cancer -- Step Outside the Box!"  You'll find this great four-page article from Ty about sugar here:


If you want to know all the variety of sugars and the health problems they cause, please read this short e-book. 



Fact: Sugar doesn't make cancer grow faster. All cells, including cancer cells, depend on blood sugar (glucose) for energy. But giving more sugar to cancer cells doesn't speed their growth. Likewise, depriving cancer cells of sugar doesn't slow their growth.

This misconception may be based in part on a misunderstanding of positron emission tomography (PET) scans, which use a small amount of radioactive tracer — typically a form of glucose. All tissues in your body absorb some of this tracer, but tissues that are using more energy — including cancer cells — absorb greater amounts. For this reason, some people have concluded that cancer cells grow faster on sugar. But this isn't true.

However, there is some evidence that consuming large amounts of sugar is associated with an increased risk of certain cancers, including esophageal cancer. It can also lead to weight gain and increase the risk of obesity and diabetes, which may increase the risk of cancer.

Specific sugar molecule causes growth of cancer cells

September 16, 2013
University of Copenhagen
The process of glycosylation, where sugar molecules are attached to proteins, has long been of interest to scientists, particularly because certain sugar molecules are present in very high numbers in cancer cells. It now turns out that these sugar molecules are not only present but actually aid the growth of the malignant cells. In the long term this discovery is an important step towards a cure that can stop the growth of cancer cells.


Live 4 today. Thank God for all he has done for us. Looking forward to enjoying tomorrow.

If you eat nothing but vegetables your body will turn that into glucose just as it will when you eat candy.  That's what our body does, it turns everything into glucose.

Seriously? That is certainly NOT what the body does, not even close.

It's hard to believe people are still debating this. I'm not sure I would recommend a ketogenic diet, because the body will make sure that serum glucose is in a healthy range anyways, but less sugar seems to be clearly preferable and an excess of sugar in the diet seems to be clearly worse.


Is there a role for carbohydrate restriction in the treatment and prevention of cancer?

A Low Carbohydrate, High Protein Diet Slows Tumor Growth and Prevents Cancer Initiation


This certainly has been a hot topic for quite some time.  There are smarter folks than me on both sides of the argument so I for one avoid making any proclamations one way or the other on whether sugar causes cancer or not.  I personally have tried to reduce my sugar intake as much as possible and whether it is helping me or not I don't know but I believe it is making me feel better at the very least.  There has been some relatively new discoveries which seem to indicate that sugar does play an important role at some level in regards so cancer.  This article is about non-small cell lung cancer but I think some of the discoveries would play out in other cancers as well:  http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2014-07/epfd-cta072814.php .  Basically they believe they have discovered one mechanism called GLUT3 that triggers both the cancer's high mobility and high affinity for sugar.  It seems like the cancer uses high amounts of sugar (glucose) to fuel it's mobility.  Why this discovery is important is because this GLUT3 could be a potential for a targeted therapy.

In another article concerning breast cancer I found the following quote:

"Some interesting research on sugar and its role in cancer – the theory used to be that cancer cells were able to survive without oxygen, by converting sugar directly into energy. New research has shown that increasing sugar metabolism in cells may be directly responsible for fuelling the growth of cancer cells."

Here's another interesting article on breast cancer and sugar: http://newscenter.lbl.gov/2013/12/18/sugar-uptake-in-breast-cancer/

I can't say whether sugar causes cancer or not but I can say that it wouldn't hurt most of us (especially in the U.S.) to reduce our daily intake.







I wonder, has there been an increase in cancer since artificial sweeteners hit the market?

Gene please, please stop with the Quack books, you are turning into my worst nightmare. It is like Amway has taken over this forum with buy this quack book,or that quack book or listen to this quack doctor. Please stop with the all the Quackery!!!! Not sure if Quackery is a word but it sure sounded right. Ed

Well done, Ed!!!!  Good word!  Celeste

Hi Ed, thank YOU for your reply ... so nice to see that someone that posts here actually has a name. Sorry if I am stirring up the pot ... which leads me to the question...what is your solution???  I am not selling anything here especially Anyway (poison chemicals that smell good) but it is my sincere hope to find a cure and open up readers minds here.  Once you start to learn to "follow the money" you will see why we are in the situation that we are today. President Nixon stated that we are in the war against cancer in 1971... yea!!!   1971 and the cancer survivor ratio is still the same! To me that equals $$$...  there is something that is directly wrong here.  I firmly believe that the current system of curing (any)cancer will never work because it is the same treatment for everyone regardless of what you eat, drink or think. Until we address the whole body and mind, countless death and great profits will be handed over to the drug cartels that control any cures for cancer. 
BTW...No need to flame me here as I am survivor that did ipi (and high doses of vitamin D3 from my own research) as a treatment but many readers here won't do as well so I would suggest that they do research for all the others options for a cure that are available to them.
Best wishes,
PS. The sun is the greatest healer of them all and it's FREE!
Next and just as important is good water... spring water is a must as it has minerals!
And deep Sleep is natures healing system. A totally dark room is a start.

Live 4 today. Thank God for all he has done for us. Looking forward to enjoying tomorrow.

Gene - I for one greatly appreciate your posts.  Please don't let a few closed minds keep you from sharing worthwhile information with the rest of us.



Maggie - Stage IV (lung mets unknown primary) since July 2012.  Brain mets September 2016.Taf/Mek, gamma knife, Keytruda resulting in clean brain scan and tiny remnants in lung as of July 2017

Really, I cringe when I see Gene's posts!  I think they belong on off topic, if at all. Many, many melanoma patients are fighting for their lives and this Board is suppose to provide education, support, and encouragement to them.  When, I see Gene's response that cancer won't be cured because it's big business and everyone gets the same treatment no matter what, I don't see how that helps those patients in the fight, and it's simply UNTRUE!  All politics aside, my husband has been thru the ringer in his melanoma fight, and is here because of a clinical trial that MDAnderson offered us.  They didn't care that he had lung, stomach, and brain tumor history, they offered him TIL, and grew T cells from his own tumor.  Over two years later, Phil is still doing really well.

 It's old school thinking to say, everyone with cancer just gets chemo thrown at them. It's simply not true, and now with Yervoy (which helped Gene), and with AntiPD1, immune systems are being improved without chemo.  I thank God, every single day for the advancements in melanoma research!  My husband is here today, watching his kids grow up, because of them, and I thank all the scientists, doctors, and yes even drug companies who keep forging ahead.  I am not stupid, I get that people are making money and liking it, that's life!! But, we spent, almost one full year making trip to Houston and now we go to Dana Farber, and I have met many, many doctors and researchers who truly want patients to live long lives and who work hard every day to reach that goal. I truly see a future for my kids, where chemo will be obsolete. So, I for one have faith in the future and with immuno therapies!                  Valerie (Phil's wife)

Hi Valerie, you are certainly entitled to your opinions about the medical profession and Gene is entitled to his.  It is my understanding that this forum is to provide information to melonoma patients and their loved ones.  Please don't advocate for censoring any of this information.  As a person with Stage IV melanoma myself, I want to see read and hear ALL of the information and decide for myself.  I have consulted with 4 separate medical oncologists and was offered 4 different treatment plans.  Should I have just done what the first doctor suggested without question?  I question all of it as I also question what is offered by the Alternative community.  But only with maximum information can I truly make an informed decision for myself.  I have to live or die with my decision.  Please don't restrict the informatin that is available to me.

Maggie - Stage IV (lung mets unknown primary) since July 2012.  Brain mets September 2016.Taf/Mek, gamma knife, Keytruda resulting in clean brain scan and tiny remnants in lung as of July 2017