Superficial Groin Node Dissection & Other Questions

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5/18/2017 4:06pm
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HI all,
After reading many posts everyone here seems to be a closely knit group. I have many questions that I have not been able to answer from diligently surfing the web. Hopefully I can get the answers I’ve been looking for.

First my Info:
I have stage III-B (diagnosed 2012) & have had 3 surgeries so far (since 2013) to remove tumors localized on the inside of my left thigh near my knee. I've also had chemo/interferon (2013)to stimulate my immune system. My surgeon says I've already got the maximum benefit.
Now I'm facing Superficial groin node dissection as there were cancerous nodes removed during my last surgery- Apr-'17. Matter of fact, in all my previous operations a few lymph nodes were removed with very little pain.

After the surgery other treatments coming up include “ILI--Isolated limb infusion” & “BRAF targeted therapy ”. Maybe someone here can share what they know about these procedures.


Now for the questions: ???????????

When you have all the nodes of the left groin removed what type of pain & other symptoms will I be facing? Can you get around? Is the drain uncomfortable? How long before I can drive? (I live alone)
I've been told that I must have a vacuum pump to drain fluid. And a nurse will be needed daily for a short time to do something?. Not sure what 'something" is.
And in the long term.. (the biggie)  Without those nodes will my leg/foot be swelling because of their loss?  Is there other side effects long-term.

Thx ahead of time

I am sorry to hear that you are facing this now, in addition to all of you have been though. I had a full groin dissection on March 7th and was terrified of the surgery and the recovery. While it has not been a breeze it is not nearly as bad as I had thought. I highly suggest meeting with a lymphedema specialist prior to your surgery to get your base measurements and as soon as possible after the surgery, start going for treatment even if you only have minimal swelling. Just ten weeks out from surgery, my thigh is only 2cm larger then my non afflicted leg. Getting a compression stocking and wearing kineseo tape has also helped immensely. Yes, you will need nurses at home but only for the short term, they will moniter your incison, most likely give your your blood thinning injections and help with your drain. Again, I was petrfried of the drain, but it was not a big deal at all! Also, I highly recommend purchasing a leg pillow ( walmart, Amazon etc) to keep your leg elevated when sitting or laying down, I believe this also helped me immensely. Pain wise, I was fine a week out, then it moderated to an ache and now 10 weeks out nothing at all!! Good luck and please contact me if you have any further questions!

I think you can expect that this desecsion will have littile pain also, just like your other surgeries. I had little trouble with mine in groin.