Suspected sublingual melanoma

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8/8/2017 3:36am
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Hi all, I am 31, white with a family history of breast and lung cancer. 


I had had a very thin line appear on my thumb around 4 months ago now, it has complete grew the length of my nail and varies from brown to black in colour. The width has also gotten thicker, not majorly but is defiantly widening. 

The pigment goes into my nail bed and you can not see where the line ends. 

my dr has referred me to a dermatologist and I have an appointment next week. 

im worried as I've read up on it and it doesn't look good.

can anyone tell me their experiances with this ? I have a 3 year old daughter and as immsure you know I have these crazy thoughts going through my head. I can't figure out how to attach a photo. 


Thanks for ny advice x 

Dear x,

I'm sorry you are dealing with a scare of melanoma, but until you know, try to stay calm... Yes, easier said than done, I know, but worrying ahead it's such a waste of emotion and unnecessary stress...

Really, not every streak on a nail is cancer, but even if it turns out to be, you have so much options to deal with it successfully!

Good you are seeing a derm, once you arw in good hands of the doctors, anxiety and fear fade a lot, not knowing is the worst...

Take care...



Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot x

FWIW on my wife it was basically a dot that didn't move just enlarged a little until it broke through her nail. Even on her first trip to the dermatologist he hadn't heard of this kind of melanoma. So you are ahead of the game. Also that was 6 years ago and she's still kicking because of the new immunotherapy drugs.

good luck

The best advice that you can have right now is to do what you are doing.  See a specialist and determine what you are actually dealing with.  If it is melanoma, there are better treatments today than have ever been available before and this board has a wealth of amazing folks that can offer help.

A bit of information that may be helpful to you should you need to continue to seek information:  sublingual means under the tongue.....subungual means under the nail.

I wish you my best.  Celeste