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3/9/2018 4:23pm
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I posted a few weeks ago about a suspicious mole. I had shown it to 3 docs at my clinic including,my family doc. All said it wasn't anything to be worried about but family doc referred me to a dermatologist for peace of mind. After waiting over 2 months to get app with dermatologist I ended up just seeing a private dermatologist because I was sick of waiting. The private dermatologist said I need biopsy and did one last week, I am getting results march 15. Reason I was posting is I wanted to know if anyone ever had a mole that change  color and was painful that wasn't melanoma? Trying to stay hopeful. I cannot understand why he 3 docs I saw said it was nothing if dermatologist thought it was serious enough to biopsy

Anonymous - (3/9/2018 - 4:55pm)

Many reasons - GPs are often wrong. Derms biopsy a lot.  Just because a derm biopsied means nothing since 9x% of lesions biopsied are not cancer.  No one can tell you one way or another about yours, but don't think it is melanoma until there is an actual diagnosis.

nat75 - (3/11/2018 - 12:27pm)

Trying to be positive but with strange mole I’ve had other symptoms like losing weight, swollen lymph nodes under armpit, neuro stuff so it’s been stressful trying to find out what’s causing all these symptoms.

nat75 - (3/14/2018 - 12:21pm)

not many have answered this i guess because i havent been diagnosed with melanoma. i get my biopsy back tomorrow and i just want to ask if anyone can suggest questions i should ask my dermatologist if it does come back as melanoma? i know even though im afraid that it is if they doctor tells me its melanoma im going to be shocked and feel overwhelmed so im writing down questions i need to ask in case but i dont know much about melanoma or what questions to ask.