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8/6/2011 11:21pm
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For those of you who have been stage II melanoma 3.2mm(intermediate thickness) and had a neg sentinel nodes what does your doctor do to check lymph node basins? I'm also curious if any of you were stage 1 or 2 and then had recurrence in lymph node and became stage 3 what did that node feel like? My doctor says I have some prominent nodes in my groin where the removed the sentinel node. I know there r many things that cause swollen nodes but have any of you ever had swollen nodes that can be felt about the size of a marble to grape size but hard. Thanks for your input in advance.

Pekoe - (8/7/2011 - 11:59am)

Hi there,

I was a Stage II in 2002, and advanced to Stage IIIb in 2009 when I felt a lump in my left axilla.  My oncologist would always check out my lymph nodes during my visits, but I was down to seeing him just once a year, and I was the one that found the lump.

One night after holding my new grandson quite a bit, my left axilla area was very sore.  I was rubbing to try and ease the pain, and felt a lump that felt slightly bigger than a grape.  It was definitely hard, and somewhat tender to the touch.  My husband also felt the lump.  I called my pcp because she is easier to get in to see, and set up an appt.  After ultrasound and biopsy (during which the radiologist told that "it didn't look like melanoma - it wasn't black throughout the sample"), it came back positive for melanoma.  I had a LND and had 26 nodes removed, only one positive for melanoma.  It was the size of a golf ball. 

If you are feeling a hard lump that size, don't fool around with it.  Get it checked out quickly. 





Karin L - (8/7/2011 - 12:28pm)

I felt a hard lump about the size of a large grape in my left groin 4 yrs. after having a SNB.  This was also 2mos. after having my yearly CT scan (found out recently the Dr. was only scanning the chest and abdoment...NOT the lymph nodes)  which came back clear.  It did turn out to be melanoma  Stage IV, mets to liver and lung.  This is not meant to scare you whatsoever, but to encourage you to not mess around. Good luck and keep us posted.



MattF - (5/23/2013 - 11:09pm)

that is such a great question.

I know this is old and it is 2013 now but i'm dealing with the same thing.

Melanoma  cheek right side WLE SNB (Neg) sept 2012...8 months later i have sweeling under my armpit and i can feel what feels like a hard (but still gives a little when i touch it but that may just be the flesh around it) large olive deep up under my armpit on right side.

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