Taf/mek adjuvant therapy scan question

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6/9/2018 5:36pm
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I have been on Taf/mek combo for just over a month. Stage 3a melanoma that was resectable. Original scans were clean. At my first follow up since the pills I had my lab work done and set up for a EKG but when I asked about having scans I was told because I wasn't metastatic that they wouldn't do any ct, pet or mris again unless I show symptoms of a problem...my oncologist said if I was interferon they wouldn't be doing scans either. He said they don't like to as there can be false positives. Does this sound right. I could've sworn they said every three months and ultrasounds of under my arm where the one lymph node affected was found but no mention of that either. This seems reckless but I don't know. Again a second derm I've seen has tried booking me for a year from now when in office she said every three months as well. I'll be pushing back on that tho because in the booklet for taf/mek it says skin checks every two months. And these are highly recommended people here in Ontario.

Stage 3a Braf+ new fighter

Anonymous - (6/9/2018 - 7:34pm)

Hey Newfighter sorry to hear you have joined the club. A couple of things you will find this site great as well as the other members. Some great knowledge and experience and all very willing to assist. 

You will find very different standards of care depending on where a member lives. Like you I am Canadian east coast and I am also 3a. Mine is resected and I was declared NED March 2017. 

Since I am not taking treatment ( HDI my only option) I am being followed by Derm and ENT alternating every 3 months. I also see plastics annually do further work on my primary. 

Currently I am getting an annual CT ordered by my ENT

You can do a search for Melanoma standards of care for Ontario. Most provinces post the standard of care. 

Take Care