Taking vitamins when on keydruda

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8/7/2017 4:18pm
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Hi guys I started keydruda today, I gave the hospital a list of tablets I take each day. This is Acidophilus a gut bacteria tablet, Vitimin C 1000 and CQ10 120mg . The pharmacy at the hospital could not say if taking CQ10 is OK to do so and need to look in to it. 


So anyone also taking this or what vitamins do you take when on treatment.

Thank you


Scooby, my onc knew that I was taking supplements and vitamins when I started my Keytruda treatments...never asked what they were. I have been taking wheat germ, Folic Acid, Vitimin D, Tumeric, fruit and vegetable supplements and mushroom extract...to name a few. I have had no side effects from my treatments...started the 1st of January. My last scan showed most of the cancer had disappeared or was "resolved". I have a scan this Friday...hoping that it is ALL gone.

Hoping that you have similar results!


Thanks Nick , will still take them . Glad treatment melt your Mel away and hoping for good result.

Scooby ❤️

NIck, so exciting to read your "treatment with no side effects", "cancer disappeared", "success"....Wish all of us here could report such outcomes! Lucky you!  


My onc said over the counter vitamins ok.Vit C, D, Tumeric, francisense oit, milk thistle,  I have a whole tub of vitamins i take each day.

Some miday on empty stomach, green tea extract, Rutin, and  quercetin.  I am a walking vitiamin store. 



Hi, Scooby. I started Nivolumab in July, 2016 (Stage IV). I have been NED since May, 2017. I have taken loads of supplements throughout my treatment and have had manageable side effects ( fatigue and joint pain). My Onc isn't specifically aware of most of them, but gave a blanket "ok". Just did my 26th Nivolumab treatment and doing pretty good. All the best to you. 

Thanks , I am still taking them even thou I have asked at the hospital pharmacy which said would call me but still waiting over a week now. 

Scooby ❤️