A Tale of 2 Scans

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3/11/2018 2:37pm
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I had a CT and PET scan within a few days of each other (long story). Interestingly, the results were quite different:

CT showed 2 1.5 cm-sized mets on the liver, while PET showed no areas of FDG uptake in the liver.

I have considerable pain in a bone met (shown on CT) but again there was very little uptake on the PET. 

My doctor hasn't really said what to make of this (we're focused on a lung spot that showed up on PET primarily), but I can't help but wonder if the PET means the liver lesions are just scar tissue or "cysts" as the radiology report indicates?

Previously, the liver mets had shrunk considerably, and were the main "target lesions" over the course of PD-1 treatment. There were almost certainly active lesions there at some point. What should I make of this?