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1/12/2018 2:24am
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I just want to thank all the posters and repliers (sp?) on here because reading relevant posts and replies is really helping me tonight as I await the results (won't get them until after the holiday) from two biopsied moles that have been changing, and one with a new skin-colored growth about an inch away from it. I'm suspicious (but realize this may be paranoia)  that things might be moving through my blood stream. Upon reading this, I'm sure you realize why I'm freaking out a bit (six months after initial 1A diagnosis) although the doctor said she didn't think anything of the little new growth. She also felt the moles were probably benign (well, statistically, given the small percentage of people with multiple melanomas that is probable) but was also concerned about the color changes to pink. I showed her pictures from an app/photo lens program I have for my phone that show the difference between September and now. It's pretty different, IMHO. In any case. reading all of your posts helps ease my anxety and puts in me in the place where I realize I just need to go about my business (and get up for the new semester tomorrow). Thank you for your support.

Stage 1A excised, keeping an eye on another; multiple dyslpastic nevi.