therapy 2 years after diagnosis?

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7/14/2017 11:48am
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saw PA last week ans asked about adjvuent terapy now that they can treat BRAF negative with optivo etc. Was tod it was no help since surgery as 2 years ago and no relapse. stage 3 micro metistatic, full node removal right axila.

Anonymous - (7/14/2017 - 12:18pm)

Opdivo is not yet available for adjuvant therapy outside of trials, getting there, but not out yet. Even so, there is a timeline in which you have to start treatment, usually around 12 weeks after surgery. 2 years is far too long, there is no data supporting that it would be of any help to you, which is why it would not get approved. You're doing great, NED for 2 years, it could stay that way forvever. If not, you know there's lots of new options available. 

Hey - this is so great that you've never progressed!! Best wishes that it stays this way and you never have need of any immunotherapy!!!


having had played this horrible game before, its good to hear positive feedback.