Thorratic doc wants to cut media the middle to get biopsies from both lungs.

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2/17/2011 6:01pm
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Not sure what to do. Doc wants to cut me Dow the middle to get biopsies from both lungs. I can also just go with him taking one nodule from my left lung, see what it comes up with, and then wait for one of the nodules in right lung get big enough for another cutting session. I also have "numerous" nodules in the bottom of both lungs.
I don'think it is the same cancer. I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer that spread to my bladder, and had melanoma removed from chest in2007,
Anyone had this type of surgery, and if you had them go down the middle, please let me know how that turned out.

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I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma (lung cancer) not due to melanoma mets. The thoracic surgeon told me that he would make an incision just at thet top of my sternum (there is a U there if you feel at the midline of your sternum). and go down to get some lymph nodes. The pathologist was standing by in the OR to do a look to see if cancer was present. If so, he would NOT proceed with my lung lobe removal but sew me up and send me to do radiation and chemo. In my case, there was no cancer present in the nodes so he proceeded to remove the upper left lobe of my lung. Don't know if this applies inn your case but thought i"d share the procedure used on me. Best of luck.   I had already had a fine needle biopsy to confirmed that the tumor in my lung was cancer.

Have they discussed the possibility of doing the biopsies via the VATS procedure? It can't always be done but it is less invasive (chest does not need to be opened from what I understand).  If your hospital does not offer this procedure than you need to call around!

Sounds like you've been through a lot.  Two of my melanoma recurrances were to the bladder. Originally it was misdiagnosed as bladder cancer. My oncologist told the pathologist to retest. Sure enough it was melanoma.  You might want them to go back and recheck the biopsies from the bladder. Its rare but it does happen.  Doesn't change your diagnosis but all information is helpful in your battle.  Different techniques and different drugs are used for different cancers.


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I had a right thoracotomy because my melanoma was located in my right paratracheal region. It was a painful surgery and I really wouldn't want to do it again...however I guess I would if I needed to...I have been NED since the surgery and its been since March 26, 2010...I am enrolled in a vac trial at Moffitt and I have one more round and then I am finished...except  I will continue to get booster IV's of MDX 1106 every 3 months for at least 2 years if not long as I continue to be NED. They did do a wedge resection in my lung and removed a tiny growth as well but it was not melanoma. I am glad they did the surgery at Mayo Clinic. My Surgeon was Dr Shen and he is awesome!

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