Thyroid low and on pembro - keydruda

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9/14/2017 9:30am
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Hi Guys before I started keydruda my thyroid was low not on treatment at that stage. We was watching it to see if it would change. So I have now had 2  doses of keydruda my thyroid still down so looks like after next dose if still no change will go on medication for it. 


It is hard for me has after ippi I went in to the meanapause so my hormones are all over the place. 

Anyone with experience in low thyroid and on treatment. Do they stop treatment if it is low till it gets to a normal level. Or do you carry on if feel ok,, I do not have any symtoms with my thyroid at moment. 




Ipi lowered my thyroid. Pembro kicked it to the curb. You can be on synthroid and continue Keytruda. Once the damage has been done to your thyroid, it is permanent. I've been off Keytruda for over a year now, and am still taking 175 mcg of synthroid daily. It's a teeny pill, with little to no side effects for most people. It'll bring your energy levels back to normal once your back in mid range.  : )

Hi Niki,
Glad you doing well, treatment Monday so I will check bloods see if any worse if so I think I will start thyroid treatment.
Thanks for your experience dealing with thyroid issues.

My thyroid quit after 1 dose of the IPI/NIVO combo.  They put me on pills for it and I started Keytruda alone not long after.  I have had 9 doses since and have been on thyroid pills without any issues.  The only thing I can say has been tough is getting the thyroid dose correct.  They have been increasing my dose over the past few months.  I am up to 200mcg and holding for now.  They take blood to check levels when I go in for my every three week oil change. 

Good luck to you.


Brad... Curiosity question...  are they checking your T3 as well... or just FT4 and TSH? My dose went from 18 months at 25 mcg after Ipi, up and up and up some more to 175 mcg after Keytruda started. After months of increases, boosting my FT4 overboard, and still having a high TSH, I did some research and asked my onc to test for T3 as well. Sometimes side effects from the immuno will cause a "conversion" problem with the body. The body can more readily use T3. Our bodies do create some of this naturally, but most of it is from our bodies converting T4 to T3. My docs have me slightly overdosed on Synthroid... which puts my FT4 a little out of range on the high side, but slides my T3 ever so slightly into range on the low side.... alllllll leading to a "juuuuust right" TSH. I just wonder if anyone else has these same issues, or if once again, I'm a statistical weirdo. HA HA HA! ;)  At 200 mcg... is your FT4 showing high, or is it nicely mid range-ish with a lovely in range TSH too?

They are checking my T3 as well.  My T3 and FT4 are within normal range.  FT4 was 0.3 ng/dl back in March and is 1.5 now. T3 was also way low back in March and is better now.

My TSH is was 83.6 in March and has dropped ro 19.8.  That is still high but it is steadily dropping when I am tested.  My TPO Antibodies were 384.1 IU/ml back in March and have dropped to 13.4.  They are also a little high still, but way better than before. 

83! Whoa. I think mine peaked at 52. Glad to hear they're coming back down with the boost in synthroid. Yeeks.