Traveling and blood clots

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7/10/2014 11:07am
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I just learned this from my doc at Mayo.  Apparently all of us with this disease are at high risk for blood clots. To help during the 8+ hour drive he said to stop every 2 hours or so and walk for a minute. Apparently that's all it takes. He also said like on an airplane or even in the car to keep moving your feet.

I don't have blood clots but figured I should share this info to help us keep from having them.


lbkimball - (7/15/2014 - 12:51am)

I have stage IV with brain mets, so my doctor is cautious about traveling. I have done a couple of hour long flights, but he has me take steroids (decadron) the days that I'm flying and one or two days after. He's also warned me against staying at high altitudes without taking steroids. I think it's more of a concern for those of us with brain mets, but in general, it's good to drink lots of water and get up and walk as much as possible, as clotting is more likely for all of us with cancer.

Thanks for the reminder.