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4/4/2014 6:37pm
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Hi All,

At our oncologist appointment March 20 we were told that my husband would need Gamma Knife treatment.  (His tumor was resected Feb 28th.)   We met with the radiation oncologist on Monday this week and found out that he would not be able to have the Gamma Knife.   The reason is that the "cavity" where his tumor was is 2" which is too big for Gamma.   They now recommend (5) TrueBeam treatments.  He is scheduled for simulation on Monday and to begin treatments on Wednesday.

I was wondering if anyone here had experience with TrueBeam?  How were the side effects? Was there anything about it you wish you had known ahead of time?  Any info is appreciated.

The good news is that the brain MRI that he had Monday showed no new tumors and no regrowth in the area of the original tumor.  

The MRI did reveal blood pooled in an area on his brain.  It is a concern that if the blood is leftover from the surgery and came from around the tumor that it could be sitting in a new place containing bad cells just waiting to grow.   Any thoughts on this?   I will also say that my husband fell from the bed in ICU less than 48 hours after surgery and hit his head on the side where the surgery was.  He was rushed to a CT scan and no issues were found but I still wonder if this could be what caused the blood.   We forgot to mention this to the radiation oncologist but we will be seeing him again Monday and will discuss it further then.  We are worried about that blood!


2008: Dx Stage 2 - 1.24mm, ulcerated, right arm. WLE, SNLB.

2014: Dx brain met - 3.1cm resected 2/28/14.  TrueBeam 4/14. Start Ipi 6/14.