Tumeric with Braf/Mek combo?

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5/28/2014 7:56am
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Just wondering if anyone knows definitely whether or not turmeric is contraindicated when on GSK's dabrafenib & trametenib . I have been putting some in my juices (fresh) & having powder in water as well. My chemist & Dr think it's ok but are not 100% sure. Thinking now it's best to stop till I find out for sure. 

Would appreciate a response if anyone knows. Thanks,Lyn 

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tcell - (5/28/2014 - 10:11am)


I asked my dermatologist the exact same question a few weeks ago.

The point is that you need to be careful with any substance that is metabolized though a liver enzyme called Cytochrome P450, among them alcohol.

There are studies that say that this is the case for Curcumin as well.

He checked on Pubmed and then gave me the advice not do take curcumin capsules.

What I have learnt about curcumin this far is that it is very hard to get the daily dosis the really helps anything by just putting it in your food. Capsules are the only way to really expect any effect. What is also important to know about it is that it can only be recepted by your bowels if consumed with black pepper or similar substances, not on its own. These substances would already be contained in the capsules.

The bottom line for me is:
Complementary medicine is absolutely fine if it helps but BRAF / MEK inhibitors are proven to be very effective and thus have more importance.

I still put Curcuma into a vegetable indian dish without worrying but I would not take it pure or as capsules which would be the way to insure its effect. I also have a cool beer with my supper but not more than that.

Hope this helps!


Thanks a lot. Chris! That's the sort of info I was after. Will stay off it now-except as you say in a curry . Will have a small glass of wine though instead of a beer! Hope that's Ok!  Cheers , Lyn

Heal with every inhalation and let go of cancer with every exhalation.