Is this typical after biopsies

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8/10/2017 9:18am
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I had 4 moles removed 5 weeks ago (one diagnosed basal cell and one malignant melanoma) and was wondering if it is typical that other moles change after biopsies. I have about 8 other atypical moles from 3 mm to slightly larger than a pencil eraser. Some of them have started growing in the last 2 weeks and some of them have grown together. I didn't know if this was normal.

Any mole which is growing is cause to see a dermatologist. You may end up looking like you've been in a fight with a rose bush, but better to catch things early... juuuuust in case those evolving moles are plotting evil things against you. 

A biopsy or excision would not cause unrelated moles to change; if the evolution is occurring, each affected site needs to be examined.