under toenail Melanoma

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7/11/2014 2:48pm
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Has anyone been diagnosed with having melanoma under their toenail?

Kim K - (7/12/2014 - 4:46am)

Yes, look for previous posts for acral melanoma.  This is the type of melanoma that killed Bob Marley the reggae singer.

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JerryfromFauq - (7/12/2014 - 6:18am)

Many people have Acral Lentigimous Melanoma.  If it has spreada to the Lymph nodes the tumors should be checked to see if tshey haave the C-kit onco-oritein over-expression and the c-kit DNA mutation.


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Marianne quinn - (7/13/2014 - 12:42am)

My husband was diagnosed with melanoma under his thumbnail. He let it go for at least a year before he went to the doctor; stubborn man. Melanoma in the nail bed is very rare. There is some association with trauma , but many doctors think that it is not the case. He was always banging his thumb with a hammer. If repeated sunburns can cause melanoma, I do not see how trauma could not be related to the development of his melanoma anyway.

He had his thumb partially amputated and underwent a sentinel node biopsy with 2 positive nodes. Stage IIIc. He underwent a total lympendectomy and then joined the yervoy vs. interferon clinical trial. He was in the 10 mg. Yervoy arm. He was able to manage the side effects and completed the induction phase.

Unfortunately, the CAT scan done after his induction showed a small metastasis to his liver. We were devastated. He was removed from the trial. He could not receive the maintenance doses, His genral oncologist feels that the Yervoy did not work, but I know from this forum that Yervoy can take monthes to work .

Fortunately, he underwent ablation ( micorwaved) the lesion and his CAT scan in June was clear. We are in a "watch and wait" mode. He feels great . Another CAT scan in September. I am already worrying about it. He still has side effects from the Yervoy which is a good prognositic indicator. Also, a very recent article in the Journal of the American College of physicians indicates that melanoma patients who undergo liver ablation or resection have a much better survival rate. We are fairly positive.


He did not have acral melanoma. The cell type was undetermined.

Let this forum know if you have questions, concerns. It has been a wonderful support for me. Good luck.