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5/17/2014 1:24am
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Hi, I feel bad posting this because I'm sure many people here are dealing with so much worse and people will think I'm overreacting but I have problems with anxiety and hypochondria and I am just living with constant worry, losing sleep and having trouble eating. I know that the only way for me to feel better is if I get a second opinion. I am just going to throw all of my fears out there, some of which are probably irrational. Please someone tell me that they are.

I'm a 23 year old male and have an atypical mole on the left side of my abdomen. It pretty much matches all of the characteristics of what all the websites say are melanoma moles. It is asymmetrical, the borders are not well defined, it has about 3 different shades of brown and is about 9mm in diameter
I had no idea that moles had the potential to be so dangerous up until about 10 days ago when my doctor noticed this mole and said it should be removed and then I did research about it after the appointment. And ever since then I've been terrified.
The only thing that I take some comfort in is that this mole is not new and I've had for as long as I can remember, maybe since birth. Also, I don't believe that it has changed much if it all. Does this dismiss melanoma? Can unchanging moles still be malignant? Is change the most important factor? How fast would it change?

Since becoming aware of melanoma, I have checked all over my body and I have found some other asymmetrical but single-colored smaller moles mostly on my forearms but one small odd rectangular one about 4mm in length on my upper-right stomach. Also, since I read about browm lines in finger/toe nails being a sign of melanoma, I seem to have a faint brown line in my right foot's pinky toenail... Is any of this concerning? Does melanoma cause more moles like these to pop up?
Also, the reason my doctor even saw the mole was because I was seeing him due to having problems with blood in my stool. Now I am worried that melanoma has spread to my colon to cause this. However, I've been passing this blood for almost 2 years and hasn't really gotten worse. If it were a tumor wouldn't it have gotten worse by now?
Finally, my last worry is that about six months ago I've been feeling pretty depersonalized (which I've always thought was stress related) and am worried, of course, that melanoma had spread to my brain. How fast would symptoms get worse if melanoma spreads to some other organ?

I believe I am having this mole removed sometime soon as well as a colonoscopy but waiting is so hard for me.

Thank you.

Hi worried...

stop. Breathe. 

Many people have irregular looking moles that are nothing to worry about. Obviously get the one your doctor has identified checked out and see someone about the bloody stool issue.

But most importantly, go see a professional about your anxiety issues - these seem by far the most worrying of all the things you mentioned!




I have anxiety as well so I know how you would feel. I was just diagnosed with melanoma a little over a month ago. Mine wasn't even a mole, it looked like a pimple but I didn't do anything I just let it go. I couldn't begin to tell you how I wish I would have gone to get it checked, no matter how scared I was. Don't feel uncomfortable or scared to go get it checked out. It's so much better to be on the safe side. If you need anyone to talk to you can message me via email or facebook if you'd like.