Update on Jim (long update)

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10/21/2010 2:41pm
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Hello All - well, Jim went to the VA center in Denton, Tx. on Monday, Oct 18th..the doctor examined him...He is definitely Stage IV, which I had already figured that out...The doctor does not like the way his stomach felt, nor his coloring.  They did blood work on him...and have started him on pain medication.  They wanted him to wait until Dec 3rd to come in, but my daughter-in-law, bless her heart, is a good advocate for us...She told them that was not acceptable,  This was last Friday..Well, fortunately, they let him come in on Monday., the 18th.  They called my daughter-in-law because they could not reach my husband.  I was on my way to work on Tuesday morning, they said it was an emergency that I need to take to VA ER  now.  I turned the car around and met my daughter in law at the house, went in, woke him up and said you need to go the hospital...I thought there would be a huge argument over this...No, he agreed..His hemaglobin (sp) which last year was 18 was now 6.3....He needed a transfusion.  We drove to the VA across Dallas, got to the ER and they got him right in...by then, it was down to 5.3....they admitted him and gave him 4 units of blood over a period of 9 hours.  We were there for 2 days,...they released him last evening,   with it up to 9.8, which is still not good.  I have a feeling we might be doing this again soon.  I  have scheduled another appt in the VA center in Denton to check his blood on Nov 1st.  His liver enzymes are perfect.  The doctor thought they would be off the wall.  His color was awful.  He looks pinker now, but still not eating really good.  Of course, they wanted him to do a colonoscopy and upper GI, but of course Jim was not ready to do this.  The oncologist, said when it goes back down, he will give him another  transfusion...maybe by then Jim will be open to a colonoscopy..If it's Mel, maybe they can remove it and resesction...You all know  how hard it has been for me to get him to the doctor, so just getting him to the regular VA check-up for pain management was a big deal....and then the hospital....but he was so far down, he did not give me much trouble at all.  I was shocked...So, am hoping and praying that if his levels go down again that, he will be open to the colonoscopy.  They called his blood levels critical...The VA doctor also told us to go file an Agent Orange Claim right now.  So we will be doing that in the morning.  Please keep us in your prayers.

Take Care,

Sherron, wife to Jim

JoanR - (10/21/2010 - 3:46pm)

Well Sherron, I guess the ony bright side of your poor husband's fight, is he will now submit to medical help. My husband was like that too. It is so hard for men to lose their independence and control. My husband aslo became very tired of going to appointments and hearing bad news, which I am sure fill your appointments as well. Hopefully the transfusions will help him regain his strength, and make him feel better. If Jim is feeling stronger both of you will be able to cope so much better.

My thoughts go out to you as a caregiver, I have walked in your shoes, and know what a difficult task it is. Make sure you look after yourself as well....and take some  time to pamper yourself...and DON'T feel guily. Cheers Joan

lhaley - (10/21/2010 - 4:34pm)


I've been offline or would have answered your post earlier!  It's a good thing that your daughter in law fought for Jim to be seen right away!  Hopefully as he is feeling a little better he will realize that he does need to do what the Dr has suggested.  I know how hard this is on you.

I have a close friend whose husband went through the agent orange claims with the VA. Allan received it for multiple myeloma.  If you need any help I'm sure Joy would be glad to assist.  Let me know.

Sending hugs,


JuleFL - (10/23/2010 - 9:58pm)

You and Jim have endured a courageous fight over the years. I am glad to see that he is accepting some medical assistance now. It is not too unusual for Mel patients to receive transfusions. Hopefully he will stabilize and remain open for some standard treatment. I agree with the VA and others -fill out that agent orange paperwork. Praying for you two.
Jule (Cal's wife)

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Sharyn - (10/24/2010 - 7:58am)


I'm sorry to hear that Jim is not feeling well, but glad he's finally being cared for by the pros. My hemoglobin was way down about 6 weeks ago, and I had a transfusion too. But my Dr also prescribed Ferrous Gluconate, 300mg/day, which is an iron supplement, and my hemoglobin has been up over 11 ever since. Perhaps that would help Jim? My thoughts and prayers are with you as you tackle this latest hurdle.



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Amy Busby - (10/24/2010 - 12:28pm)

I am so sorry to hear about all the trouble Jim is having.  You're so strong and supportive!  He is very lucky to have you.  I'll be keeping you guys in my prayers.



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