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4/23/2014 10:01pm
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I woke up this morning and my entire right leg was throbbing, its the same leg that has the lump in the crease of my leg, as I mentioned before. So I went to work since today was an important day for me to be there, I ended up leaving around 4 cause the pain became to intense. This morning I checked the lump again with mirror and it is no longer the complexion I am which is fair skinned, it has actually turning to a darker shade grey, so with the pain in my leg, I left work and went to the ER. I explained why I brought myself there, when I was brought back and the nurse practitioner came in and looked at the lump and the black spot on my labia, this was her explanation 1. The lump is an from an in growing hair due to shaving, I looked at her and said, how is that possible when I found this lump before I shaved and I hadn't shaven all winter. No response from her 2. The black spot on the labia is a vein. I said that it wasn't there when I first noticed the lump. Still no response from her. She handed me a script for an antibiotic and said its an abscess. I said the lump doesn't not hurt, its not inflamed. Why does my leg throbb, all she said its an abscess and if the antibiotic doesn't work go see your physician, I would waited if my leg wasn't hurting. So now I am home, Should a second opinion be smart?

Anonymous - (4/23/2014 - 10:59pm)

Realistically, it IS possible this could be some type of infection.  Seeing if the antibiotics help (should be apparent fairly quickly) would be standard protocol in most doctor's offices.  Go with the most likely explanation first (infection) and if this doesn't clear up, explore more.  This doesn't mean you shouldn't follow up with whatever doc makes sense, but I would let  the antibiotics do their stuff first.  The throbbing sounds much more like "infection" than cancer.

Anonymous - (4/24/2014 - 5:35am)

I would get a second opinion if you are questioning the first. It will at least make you feel better. My mother had a blue/gray bump under her knee with pain and swelling which turned out to be a blood clot. Not sure if that is something that you have been checked out for.