Update on next procedure

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Lori Bierschwal
3/10/2018 4:10pm
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I had originally wrotd for the first time here end of Feb 2018. Seems as if my new surgeon, after looking at the latest path report wants to go back into the original Wide excision, and take more. The margins were not enough (need 2 cm clear all around). But FIRST he will do the lymph mapping and then SNB. Finally. That procedure should have been done PRIOR to my WLE. I am angry but at same time grateful for my new expert surgeon from Siteman Cancer center in St. Louis. Now I have to wait until Apr 13th for those surgerys...He is one of the leading researchers in Melanoma and surgical oncologists. My team is getting stronger. He said chances are 15-20% that it has spread. We will find out. But I just wasted all this time and money the last few months! How to stop being angry? Not sure. So many emotions...anyone have dealings with The Siteman Cancer Center team (St Louis) ? Lastly, I am grateful for all of you and this site. No one understands this terrible cancer and that is so sad.