Update on Shane

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4/20/2017 3:39pm
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Looks like he's staying in dabrafenib and tramentinib for another month. Then scans mid May with results May 16th. If any progression moving to single agent prembro as we can get coverage for ipi/nivo combo funded either through our private insurance or provincial health care. The hospital is working on appeals with the insurance company but I do not think we will win. Blood and ekg monitoring until then. 

Will be doing the pembro while on 8mg of dex. I understand there is a lot of controversy about steroid use while on immunotherapy but we are going to try it. 


Immunotherapy is buying time but at what cost to quality of life? I can't answer that for Shane. I wish I could but I can't. 


So so now we sit and wait again. But at least we're waiting together. 




Shaneswife - (4/20/2017 - 3:40pm)

That should of read can't get coverage for the doublet. 

Maria C - (4/21/2017 - 7:30pm)

Janis, thank you for sharing. My case is not as complicated as your husband's at the moment, but I too am on pembro and it's definitely stabilizing things for me. I will post my update soon, just catching up as I haven't been on the boards for awhile (which is a good thing). One thing is clear: Shane is blessed to have Shaneswife!

Maria - Stage IV, MM, brain mets, responder to ipi/nivo combo