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Lori C
8/9/2010 6:05pm
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Will goes for his second chemo treatment tomorrow.  His sister is coming in from Massachusetts to visit and will accompany him.  About a week ago, the elevator in his condo buidling broke for a few hours while we were out and he wanted to take the stairs (he has mets in his hips).  That was a big mistake.  The next day and for two days afterwards he had bad hip pain.  Other than that, though, he's been doing pretty well.  I really think almost all of the visible skin lesions are smaller and sort of dried up looking.  Hoping Dose 2 will be even more effective and that the liver mets will really take a big hit from this. 

However, he is depressed.  He's tired and unable to work, and seems to be struggling to enjoy things.  He is normally such a positive person that this is hard to see.  I'm worried all the time and trying hard not to let him see, but I'm sure he realizes that I"m scared.  Still, a little over a month ago, we were given such grim news that I literally expected he might die any day.  He is, from everything I can tell, actually better  and I keep hanging on to hope.  Please send him prayers for tomorrow's chemo treatment.  If the chemo can beat down the tumors sufficiently, he can get into a more targeted treatment.

bill58 - (8/9/2010 - 8:47pm)


I am keeping you and will in my prayers.

Sending out healing vibes to reduce those darn mets.

Bill from Illinois
Stage IV Spine Mets, brain mets ans subq mets.
starting whole brain radiation on 11/8 and then compassionate use IPI ASAP.

MaryBZ - (8/9/2010 - 9:08pm)

Sending positive energy and heartfelt prayers for you and all MPIP family.

God Bless,


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Sharon in Reno - (8/9/2010 - 10:50pm)

I am amazed he is only showing slight depression. You guys are doing great. Do you read him his prayers from people here? Does he know we love him and pray for him daily? I think the fact that you regonize depression starts to make it go away. So just tell him....Love & Prayers Surround Him Daily. Then watch a funny moive or whatever makes you smile. I just started muting all the comericals on TV and just sit & listen to the quite...it's a making me smile.

Love you, Sharon in Reno, Stage IV

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Janet2 - (8/10/2010 - 4:55am)

I hope Will's 2nd treatment goes well and that he feels less depressed.  Sending lots of positive vibes.#


Lori C - (8/10/2010 - 6:36am)

Thanks to all who - your support means a great deal to me and I do tell Will many people he has not met are thinking of him, praying for him, and giving good advice and ideas to help him.  It does make him happy and encouraged.

Sometimes I just mourn all he's lost so far to melanoma and treatments, and I think that's what he has been doing as well.  There are times it seems he's lost almost everything except his life, but then I remember that really, that's all that counts and the other things are not important in the long run.  Will's situation is complicated.  He's spent his entire life fighting to be independent and being in good health was a big aspect of that.  He exercised carefully (often riding his bike or walking six or more miles a day), never eating "junk" food, never smoking, etc.   Being put in a group home or some other sort of facility was always a very real threat, and Will worked so very hard to get his own job and develop his self-sufficiency skills, and move into his own condo.   Now, he cannot work and has to rely on others for so much help - it does feel like melanoma has been particularly cruel in robbing him of these things.  It's hard not to be angry!

But he's still fighting hard and wants very much to recover enough to take computer classes, be able to take the train downtown (to Chicago from the suburbs) again, that sort of thing.  He's stll looking ahead and still has a purpose here.  And that, I am sure, is what really counts. 

Dr. Kaufman and the staff at Rush were very good and helpful last time we were there and were it not for this board, I would not have know that Kaufman had moved from NYC to Chicago, so again, thanks to you all!

BethA in VA - (8/10/2010 - 1:38pm)

Wishing #2 treatment to be good for Will.  And keeping both of you in my prayers. 

Melanoma tends to cut into your looks!!


Tracy Chicago - (8/10/2010 - 2:37pm)

Sending prayers to both you and Will!