Vaginal Melanoma

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11/8/2011 10:13am
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My sister had a vaginoscope examination today in Beijng Tumor Hospital and the result showed that the splash in her vagina  increases. Her doctor in charge suggested a biopsy and living in great fear of further spread,  my sister wanted to have another surgery to have it removed. Do you guys think it is good and necessary for a stage IV patient with PM? Pleas offer your advice. Thx.   anda  uPpo  pplsaPPl     Pl   
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DonW - (11/8/2011 - 6:18pm)

Hi, Fenny. I doubt that there are many here who could answer your question since vaginal melanoma is rare and an issue like this is always hard to decide. You probably should give a lot of weight to the opinion of your sister's doctor. What is his recommendation, a simple biopsy or surgery to remove all of the suspect area? I agree that sometimes the trauma of such surgery is not worth the results if systemic metatasis exists.Then again, surgery is often considered the best option when it's possible. Good luck, and sorry I'm not much help.

lhaley - (11/9/2011 - 12:44am)

I have no experience with this but have read from others in the past.  There used to be a group of women here that had melanoma in the vaginal area.  I do know that at least of 2 had complete hysterectomies.   You might want to look into the archives and see if you can find some comments.  

At one point they had considered removing my bladder. If they removed the bladder they would have also had a complete hysterctomy as well as the vaginal wall would have been removed also.