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12/19/2013 2:02pm
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I am at risk for skin cancer, as i am a kidney transplant PT. I went to a local derm, was way over due. My friend worked for him, and then went to work for another derm, and he is known for cutting moles out on everyone, and  alot. So I really should have gone to  a more compietent derm, i waited 2 hours in his office, then left he called my cell and left a VM, saysing he had emergency, and i could come back in later, and gave his private cell. so i came back in. He looked at my back and said, these look like they could turn into a problem, I will remove them. he checked my stomach, and asked it i have anything on my feet. I have 2 that I was born with or from childhooh. He wants to remove them next time. He said to come back in 2 weeks, and to take them out. I said why cant you now..oh well I dont like to take many of at one time. but they wont turn into cancer in 2 weeks.

So I am going to better derm for FU, but I called to get my results,and the secretary said they only call if it sbad, however 9 days later she said my results are not in. I am very worried, if must be bad, if they are not back yet. dont they do further tests? I have been suffering from severe anxiety latetly. but i am really stressing over this. I wish I went anually to the derm. after my transplant.

Janner - (12/19/2013 - 4:09pm)

Just an observation, but bad news tends to travel faster than good.  I've always had them call with bad news and I have to pry it out of them if it is good.  And that seems relatively universal.  Hang in there.  While you may be high risk, chances are it is still ok.  Take a deep breath and relax if you can.  Even if this is something concerning, you'll have time to worry later.  CHANGE is the #1 criteria for me to have something removed and I've had 3 melanomas.  So if the moles on your feet haven't changed in ages, chances are they are fine.   Again... CHANGE.  Looks are definitely not definative - you can't actually diagnose anything that way. 

Hang in there.


POW - (12/19/2013 - 5:34pm)

Yeah, I've heard the old "we only call if its bad" excuse, too. I was never happy about it but I accepted it until one day...

I had a bad cough for weeks. Went to the doc and he insisted on a chest X-ray. After a week or so I called and asked for the results and got the "no calls if its OK" answer. So I said I wanted a copy of my radiology report and my X-ray (I had already learned this very important lesson). Panic ensued at the doctor's office. The couldn't find the report or the X-ray film. They had never received either one back from the radiologist. So of course they didn't call me; they had no idea what was going on.

That was the LAST time I allowed anyone to fob me off with "we'll call if its bad". 

I agree with Janner that the most important thing to watch for is changing lesions or moles. If the ones on your feet are not changing, you can relax. And find a dermatologist you're more comfortable with.