Visit with oncologist gives hope

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8/18/2010 1:21pm
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Dick and I went to his oncologist at Ma General today. As we posted he is 4 years NED from stage 4. For the very first time in the years we have been fighting this beast (2002-stage 4) the doctor was hopeful and excited. He said they are on the verge of so many break thrus. He said the anti-ctla 4 drug Dick had had 4 years ago was unknown back then but has become cutting edge. And Dick was in one of the original trials.  Our original oncologist whom we had seen in Feb 2003 had given us very little hope that Dick would be around in 5 years. There was nothing that really stopped the spread of  melanoma. Well, today the attitude was entirely different. While, there are some people who sadly don't respond to anything, there are a lot more who do respond now. Some are given a little more quality time and others go into remission.


Joyce from MA (formerly Dick's wife Dick stage 4)


Great news about Dick being NED and about the positive attitude of his Oncologist!!  That brings hope to everyone!!

Wishing you continuing good success,


Stage IV


So glad to hear Dick's news. I hope he continues to prosper and remains NED for many years.


dian in spokane

CONGRATULATIONS on the good news! We all like to hear positives instead of all the negatives.

katd in KY

Thanks for sharing this news, Joyce.  A message of hope for all.  I'm so happy that you and Dick continue to do well.

Stay Strong


Stage IV 7/05 Liver mets

jag - (8/18/2010 - 9:19pm)

Great news Joyce, thank you for the update.  

Great example of how the attitude/response of an oncologist can put a smile on peoples faces and give hope.  

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What great news! So happy for you. We hope to be in your shoes one day. You give everyone hope when you post such great news. Hope you are celebrating tonight.

Rebecca and Bob