Vulvar melanoma

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7/9/2018 10:31pm
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Hey everyone;

im 24 years old! I want some reassurance. I have a vulva with many moles like 8-9? One of them is very light brown and right on my clitoris. None of them is causing any issue but what i am worried about is their shape looks kinda bit irregular to me! They’re not so round some of them are round but other are not! I just can’t stop crying and can’t force my mom to go and see a doctor with me cuz she thinks moles are normal. I have a lump under labia majoras skin since like year and it’s not growing. Ive scheduled an appointment with urogynae can she see these moles? Or should I find any specific doctor for moles? Is it normal to have this many moles on vulva! I’m terribly scared. I can’t stop myself from checking them every time! It feels like they even grown a little too. One or two of them? I just need some reassurance and what should I do next? Thanks in advance loves

Bubbles - (7/11/2018 - 10:54am)

Go to your scheduled gyn appointment and proceed from there based on the advice you are then given.

Leslee Laurel - (7/12/2018 - 5:28pm)

First be positive, I have vaginal melanoma along with only 3 percent of the population, surgery to remove blockage every few months...avarage 5 year survival hopeful...I am 74 and had Breast Cancer 4 years ago, so chemo, surgery and radiation...all went well. Stop crying pick your self up and relay on Dr for best advice.....keep us posted as to outcome we care about you