Waiting on Biopsy - Concerned about nodular melanoma spread to brain

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7/8/2018 11:33am
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Had two suspect lesions sent for biopsy 9 days ago, still waiting on results. In past two days I have had a very low grade fever that comes and goes as well as some slight numbness on face and right arm. Also have some slight pain under right arm, but can’t feel any lymph nodes. Have not had any headaches to speak of any any weakness or other neuro symptoms. I’m very worried I have nodular melonoma that has metastasized to the brain. A few days before going to derm, I had some tightness under my arm that really hasn’t gone away. 

I noticed a bump on back on my neck several months ago that I thought was a bug bite. It started itching and eventually bled a tiny bit and would sting if I was sweating. Itching stopped and I ignored it until it cam back a few more times. It wasn’t until I saw a new scar-like mark on my face I had never seen before. Then I heard of a coworker having squamous cell on her lip, which prompted me to do a full body check where I found a 4mm mole with slightly blurred border on my back. Can’t say how long it had been there as I never really looked in that area. The spot on my neck is the same area where I had one of about 10 yellow jacket stings last year. 

I’m wondering if I should go to ER, or wait for biopsy results. If it melanoma and has spread, I’ll need some intervention soon. The only issue is there are no cancer hospitals with melanoma specialists nearby on my insurance. There is a good cancer center in Nashville with melanoma specialists but they aren’t on my plan. Not sure what to do. 


I should also mention that I have severe anxiety after reading about nodular melanoma presentation and symptoms which has undoubtedly caused several weird symptoms. The fever thing probably not explained by anxiety, though. 

Hi, my melanoma was nodular. From a statistics standpoint I believe I read around 6% are nodular. I would go to the doctor tomorrow and have the other symptoms checked. Can’t do anything until you get the biopsy results, try not to worry to much. Good luck,


Thanks, Bill. My thought was that current symptoms and pending biopsy results might be enough for imaging at the hospital to tell if there were other lesions internally. 

forgot to mention I also had a sore/stiff neck and nausea. Other than that I feel fairly normal. Got really freaked out when I read somewhere that cancer spread to brain can present with fever as a symptom. 

Have you previously been diagnosed with melanoma or are you simply worried you are having symptoms of advanced disease? If you’ve never been diagnosed with melanoma, then you should wait to find out the results of the biopsy before scheduling appointments with a melanoma specialist. It sounds like you are incredibly anxious about the results, please try to relax and find things to keep you occupied. There’s a chance the biopsy may be completely benign.