The waiting game

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4/21/2014 10:18am
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  Last week I had two surgeries on hotspots that was of concern from my last pet/ct scan.( On on the right side and the other on the left)  Of course I should find out what these where when I go back and see on surgeon on Tuesday of this week.  I am also schedule for a lung doctor to go and do a biopsy of a spot on my lung the size of a pencil eraser. That will be Wednesday of this week.  I haven't heard from any of the test they have done within the last week, and course, at this point, I am thinking no news is good news.  I am doing my best to stay strong, and positive despite what the Doctors is saying at this point, and of course that not always easy.  I realize everyone goes through these things, that I am not the only one.  I might not understand why I am going through this at this time.   Sigh!   I am so ready for this part of the ride to be over with and the not knowing to be over with.

  I am still believing that those two spots are just that nothing but spots, and that place in the lung is also just that a spot and not cancer.  will keep y'all posted on what I am told when I get the information.



I believe in God and his son Jesus, I know that this is not everyones belief. I know that God has me in his hand, I might not like what I am going through but God is the one that gives me strength fromd day to day.

kpcollins31 - (4/21/2014 - 12:41pm)

The waiting game can be tough. I noticed you said that you needed to stay positive despite what the doctors are saying... what exactly are they saying? I ask this because when I became stage IV earlier in the year, I had the surgical follow-up to discuss next steps. I did not get any doom and gloom from my doctor - we talked about potential treatment options but because I am technically NED after the surgery, the options are limited (i.e., interferon or clinical trial or watch and wait). So I continue to watch and wait with scans coming up next month. The best you can do is stay positive and live life as best you can. Good luck with the biopsy.