Was you Melanoma Tumor growing horizontally instead of vertically

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3/22/2014 4:06pm
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Wondering how rare it is for melanoma tumors like mine to happen--I saw mine when it was removed, and it looked like my little pinkie in shape, and was 6.5mm in depth and about 2-1/2 inches sideways in width located on my back--it had grown underneath the skin with nothing on top showing.  It had already metastasized to one underarm lymph node and was diagnosed as Stage 3B.  All of the photos of melanoma I see on the internet have a colored spot on top of the skin and under the skin looks like tree trunk with roots.  PLEASE let me hear from you if you had a sideways (horizontal) growing melanoma tumor.  THANKS!!!!


Hi Page, sorry for the delay in answering your post - I was migrating from one computer to another and didn't have much time for MPIP.

   I'm not sure about the "growing horizontally" part but I know that several people who post here have described cases where the melanoma didn't show up on the skin. In my husband's case, they called it "melanoma of unknown primary" because there was no sign of it - he had a "cyst" removed and the lab report came back as "metastatic melanoma." After several weeks, another surgery, and three consults with melanoma specialists, all have come to the conclusion that this was the primary site, so his stage is 2B. I think they have classified it as a nodular melanoma. It was thicker than yours.

   We are going on two years with no evidence of disease (NED) after a melanoma vaccine trial. Glad we did it because he got a lot of attention during that first year, but in the end we have no idea whether it actually did (or is doing) any good.

   If you have questions, I'll be glad to try to answer - as I'm sure will other members of this forum. Post here, or contact me offline (through my profile page) or on my blog.

   Best of luck -



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